Friday, February 25, 2011


 I know I've mentioned Ty's gag reflex before.
Well, I guess it's not just a gag reflex.  :0(
I took Ty to the Dr. on Tuesday to have
her examine him.  Every time he gets a cough,
he vomits.  Once at night and once in the
morning....every day for 4 weeks last time.
On our drive home from Vegas, Ty started
coughing and threw up. 
'Enough is enough', I said! 
Well, the doctor checked his blood oxygen levels
and it revealed that he is extremely low.  She
made an educated guess that he has what is called
"Cough Variant Asthma".  With that she started
him on a breathing treatment
and things improved.
 We now have an inhaler (remember this still
isn't an exact diagnoses).  We went back for a
follow up appointment yesterday and he tested
at 92%!!! In layman's terms...people under 92%
require oxygen.  Legally the Dr. couldn't let
him leave the office until he hit 95%.  After 15
minutes of treatment he finally reached 95%.
We left there and headed to get chest x-rays.
They came back clear, which rules out
pneumonia.  Our next stop is a Pediatric
Pulmonary Specialist in Phoenix. 
We will get this figured out! 
The reason I am giggling in the background
of these pictures is the fact that these drugs
make Ty sooooo hyper!  He is bouncing
off the walls.  His hands shake like an old
man and his checks are constantly flushed.
It's pretty funny watching him spin his way
to the bathroom.  What happened to my
well behaved son?  :0)  At least he's
not sickly.  That's one healthy boy...
other than this.  Love ya Ty!


kandy said...

Ty you are in my prayers and I hope you get feeling better real soon! I don't like it when you are sick!

Lane & Jannica said...

Aww poor guy!

My mom and I have horrible gag reflexes. And I'm super sensitive to smells and pretty much vomit at the thought of a smell I don't like. I had whooping cough for about 3 months in like 9th grade...everytime I coughed I threw up. I think that made it worse. Too much info? I just wanted to relate to Ty! I miss you guys!

Oklahoma Granny said...

I'll keep that sweet boy in my prayers. Hopefully the cause can be determined quickly.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

All of Sally's kids have had or have asthma. Damon had an er visit a few weeks ago too. Oscar was bad a few months ago, and Diego was on several breathing treatments daily until we moved to TX, then none. And they all have it in different forms. Hunter @ 18 months had a bronscopy. It's a little crazy to figure out. Good luck

jorgegr said...

Boy I took asthma medicine once and it made me feell all crazy and shaky. I never took it again-luckliy mine was for excercise induced asthma (I solved that by not excercising)

Jen said...

Jodie- I don't think there has ever been a time in your life when you haven't exercised. Silly girl!