Sunday, February 20, 2011

A 'quick' trip to the Bellagio

Have you ever driven the Strip in Las Vegas?
If so, you will probably laugh when you hear
me say that we planned a 'quick trip' to watch
the Bellagio Water Show last night. At 9:58 we
were stuck in traffic in front of the Bellagio. I had
these 4 cuties in my car with Jason driving. I
made the call to quickly unbuckle and we jumped
out (quite illegally), just in time to watch the
show. In total, we had 4 cars there...and only
these boys got to watch it. We ended up staying
to watch the 10:30 show also. Everyone except
Annette got to experience it. Now, why didn't
Annette get to, you may ask. There was a major accident somewhere near
there and it LOCKED down the traffic in
the parking garage. LITERALLY! We were
stuck in the parking garage for 2 hours!
Luckily, I had remembered the "World's
Largest Chocolate Fountain" that is there
at the Bellagio. Heather, Tate, Summer, &
I jumped at the opportunity to go back in the
hotel to get ourselves some Crepes. Yep,
not quite on the diet plan, but totally
worth it. Everybody else sat in the cars
watching movies and moving NOWHERE
while we feasted on deliciousness.
Selfish? Maybe. Smart? You bet! Even though we didn't get home until
2 am our time, I had a blast! I always
enjoy being out on the town...just
not being locked in a parking garage. :0)
Uncle Chris took this photo of us in front
of the Paris Hotel. Maybe we can use it
to fool the kids into thinking they were
with us this summer when we went to
France. Doesn't hurt to try, right!?! :0P
Summer and Tate were the ultimate tourists
taking photos of everything. I loved this one
Summer took of the glass flowers that the
Bellagio lobby is famous for. Just
thought I would share it. You're welcome.


pinkpatrice said...

How fun! I have the same picture of the glass flowers. Those are purdy cool! :)

Becky Macbeth said...

Way to take advantage of the stall - chocolate fountains are awesome! Nice attempt at fooling them...good luck with that! ;)

jorgegr said...

I want some crepes-yummy! Love the glass flower pictures.

kandy said...

2am!!! You are crazy! And so fun! Love the family picture!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...


Rachael said...

What kind of accident was that? Crazy! I have heard the crepes there are yummy...when we went during Christmas the line was crazy long!