Saturday, February 19, 2011

Las Vegas, Baby!

We are in Las Vegas!
The Stewart Clan is together again (minus Brady). Bridget is here!!! All of our kids are growing
up too fast. We all fight over Bridget's attention.
Summer had a fun time doing a photo shoot of
her with her new camera. Isn't this adorable!!! Our 3 teenager girls are trouble makers.
They spend their time listening to
iPods, playing on Kaylee's iPad, and
just gabbing about boys. They really
are good girls...not a troublemaker
to be found. I promise!
These 4 are the real troublemakers.
Grandma & Grandad's house may
never be the same.


kandy said...

Thanks for the pictures Summer. Have a great time!

We Blog Artists said...

1st : CONGRATS Summer on your project!!!That's awesome.
2nd : Teenagers...I have a few years to go...but with 2 girls...I'm a little worried...gorgeous photos!

3rd : the boys look like they could make some noise! :-)

Have a great Sunday!
Enjoy Vegas!!!