Monday, May 31, 2010

Visitors...and SURPRISE visitors!

We have had it planned for a while that
Becky and Brad would come and visit
us for Memorial Day Weekend. What wasn't
planned was a last minute call from my other
sister asking if they could fly in for the
weekend as well. WE WERE THRILLED!
Getting to see this little guy is one of the
many advantages of having a brother-in-
law who is obsessed with flying his plane.
Max also brought his 4 siblings along,
which made for one crowded Stewart house!
None of Amy's kids have experienced
Slide Rock before, so off we went. It was
a beautiful day...but the water was FREEZING!
It comes straight off the Flagstaff Mountains
and you have to be brave to get in!
Uncle Brad is such a good sport with Ty.
Ty considers Brad his best bud and they
played for 3 days straight! Brad's tired!!!
Amy and I loved seeing our baby sister
and her pregnancy belly. We cannot wait
for the Macbeths sweet baby girl to
join this crazy family! Love you guys!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Big man!

This pre-school graduate has taken

his next step towards manhood....

Shaving! :0)

Yesterday was the last day of school!

Ty is officially in Kindergarten now,

Sydney is in 5th grade,

& Summer is in 8th! Let the summer fun begin!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Blue Eyed Beauty!

Last night the Jr. High had their 8th grade promotion
dance. 7th graders were also invited and it was held
at the Sedona Hilton. The theme was Masquerade.
I told Summer I would paint a mask on her and
she thought that was the 'cheap mom' she loves
so dearly. :0) Needless to say, her
'mask' was the best one there!
While the other girls ditched their masks
right away, Summer was hands free and
able to dance the night away. She actually
said I was a cool mom after all the kids raved
about it at the dance. 1 point for me! :0)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Sing it, Sydney!

My short-haired Diva performed again last
night. Sydney had another voice recital
and she was always!
Her cute skirt had a drawstring which calmed
Syd's nervous heart. I'm glad Ms. Janie didn't
notice or she would be BUSTED!!! :0)
She sang:
Popular from Wicked (again)
Tomorrow from Annie
Georgie Girl from the movie Georgie Girl
& a Welsh Lullaby.
Who knows of a recording studio Syd
could use? She needs to record her lullaby
so I can fall asleep to it every night~ amazing!!!
We had an intimate little group.
Ms. Janie, Sam, Sheil, & Sydney.
Sheil had family visiting from India and
they really enjoyed their personal concert.
We were all very entertained!
Way to go, Syd!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My pirate!

Yesterday was Summer's big day! She had auditioned
(singing a solo----& she considers herself a
NON-singer) and scored one of the leads in her
Jr. High play. They performed Pirates of
Penzance and she was Samuel, the 'nerdy' pirate
(thus the glasses). She was amazing!!!
Most of her scenes were with one of her
best friends Ataiyo. Those two could pass
for twins and he is the sweetest kid!
He was Jr. High President this year and
Summer was his secretary. They were
on the same soccer team, too.
All in all, I now have my proof that both of
my daughters are singers! I am so proud of
my little ham...belting out every song with gusto!
Oh, man...these kids make me happy!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

4 1/2 hrs away...

We may have a small (almost non-existent) Young
Women's here in Sedona, but that doesn't stop them
from doing awesome stuff!!! A few weekends
ago, Heather and Summer joined their leaders....
..Connie and Mel (twin sisters from New Zealand) and
they drove 4 1/2 hours to Gila Valley to the open
house of the temple there. They had a ton of fun
on their way (a rodeo, ice cream, Indian food...which
non-adventurous Summer hated). I wish I had been
invited! Maybe next time I'll sneak in the trunk!

One of the funnest things that came out of the trip was
setting Heather up on a blind date with my cousin in
Rocklin, California. They ended up going out twice
and a great friendship was formed. Notice how
Summer texts Trevor as though it were her cell
phone! Dream on Baby! We are officially the
meanest parents since we won't allow our
13 yr. old to have a phone. Yep!
We're soooo mean! :0)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Biz Town

On Tuesday, Sydney and I got to head down
the Tempe with the 4th and 5th graders
to attend Biz Town. Biz Town is an awesome
'city' that teaches the kids how to work,
earn a paycheck, pay taxes, and then do a
little shopping! It is a great learning experience!
I was over the Wells Fargo and had 7 employees
(a CEO, CFO, a Savings Officer, and 4 tellers).
I joked with Sydney that since I once (many
moons ago) worked at Wells Fargo, that I
should wear my old name tag and hand out
my business cards...don't ask me why I kept them.
She said that would be embarrassing, so I didn't.
Sydney was the CEO of the Print Shop in town and
she gave a speech at the town hall meeting
and had a television interview. She was one cute
business owner! After that, we headed to Glendale
for some roller skating & pizza. Fun! Fun! Fun!