Thursday, May 20, 2010

My pirate!

Yesterday was Summer's big day! She had auditioned
(singing a solo----& she considers herself a
NON-singer) and scored one of the leads in her
Jr. High play. They performed Pirates of
Penzance and she was Samuel, the 'nerdy' pirate
(thus the glasses). She was amazing!!!
Most of her scenes were with one of her
best friends Ataiyo. Those two could pass
for twins and he is the sweetest kid!
He was Jr. High President this year and
Summer was his secretary. They were
on the same soccer team, too.
All in all, I now have my proof that both of
my daughters are singers! I am so proud of
my little ham...belting out every song with gusto!
Oh, man...these kids make me happy!!!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

Wow they really look alike!

Angela said...

They really could be brother and sister! She looks so cute in her costume! So proud that you have 2 singers- now Ty just has to start singing and y'all can form a group!

kandy said...

Man, I wish I could have been there! She looks so cute and I hope you have some close ups.

Becky Macbeth said...

ARRGG! How fun! I wish I could have been there to see a fellow non-singer sing!