Monday, May 31, 2010

Visitors...and SURPRISE visitors!

We have had it planned for a while that
Becky and Brad would come and visit
us for Memorial Day Weekend. What wasn't
planned was a last minute call from my other
sister asking if they could fly in for the
weekend as well. WE WERE THRILLED!
Getting to see this little guy is one of the
many advantages of having a brother-in-
law who is obsessed with flying his plane.
Max also brought his 4 siblings along,
which made for one crowded Stewart house!
None of Amy's kids have experienced
Slide Rock before, so off we went. It was
a beautiful day...but the water was FREEZING!
It comes straight off the Flagstaff Mountains
and you have to be brave to get in!
Uncle Brad is such a good sport with Ty.
Ty considers Brad his best bud and they
played for 3 days straight! Brad's tired!!!
Amy and I loved seeing our baby sister
and her pregnancy belly. We cannot wait
for the Macbeths sweet baby girl to
join this crazy family! Love you guys!!!


Angela said...

Jen!! For a minute, I thought that was you in the photo- I thought you were keeping a big secret from us!

Brette said...

Ahh good ol' Slide Rock.. Last time I went there with my mom and 2sisters. I fell and hit my chin on a rock, and cut it. I was traumatized.. I think we had more fun laughing at each other fall or do the dance to try not to fall then the actually sliding down the slide. Sydney did so good on Sunday and it was great seeing you :) until our next visit...

kandy said...

Wow, looks like you all had a great time without us! I told Becky not to go down there! silly girl!

amy said...

Thanks for a great time! Do we know how to crash a party or what? We loved the 20 hours in Sedona!

Becky Macbeth said...

Thanks for a GREAT weekend! I've been bragging about it to everyone. You sure know how to show us a good time!

Jessica said...

Hi Cuz, It was great to catch up on your blog. It is always so fun to view. I have been so busy the last four months, I see I missed a lot in your exciting life. Wishing you the best. Love ya!