Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

From Tuesday to Saturday Summer and
I were at Girls Camp. I was called as the
Assistant Camp Director and it was a lot
of fun work. On Bishops Night, the Hydes,
the Readers, and the Christiansens came
and joined us (even though the Bishop had
2nd row playoff tickets for the Lakers for game 1
...he sold them instead for $2900 a piece)!!!
Now that is dedication! :0)
My partner in crime was Tandy Taylor and
she is the most adorable woman in the world!
We had a great time working together &
I'm sad it's her last year as Camp Director. :0(
Sorry I didn't have a cuter picture of her.
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!We had an amazing Bishops Night! We had a
program about the book 'The 100 Dresses' and we
focused on the 3 main dresses we aim for in
our lives on earth (Blessing, Baptism, and Wedding).
It was beautiful. We didn't have many dry eyes.
That's my wedding dress and Syd's baptism dress
on display. I thought it would make my dad happy
to see my wedding dress being used again. $$$ :0)

Camp isn't all spiritaul. It is F.U.N.!!!
We don't 'allow' pranks, but they are
inevitable! One of the leaders had the
bishopric sneak up a pet rabbit that was
placed in the Stake Cabin at midnight. What
a cute bunny he was. We also found a dead snake
coiled up on our rug. That was gross! Tandy's daughter Shea has been an
awesome example to Summer the last
2 years at camp. She has taken Summer
under her wing and made her feel special.
Well, this year, she really made her feel

Now that's what Girls

Camp is all about!

Now we are home and EXHAUSTED!
It was fantastic and fun. We look
forward to Camp again next year!!!
As for now, we have a lot of sleep
to catch up on. Nap time! :0)


Jen Rose said...

Awww. I love Girls Camp! And how fun was that being able to go with Summer? I bet you guys had the best time! I'm not sure about the dead snake though! :)

kandy said...

Great to see the girls camp stuff so soon after you got home. You are amazing and those girls are lucky to have you as their leader.

Becky Macbeth said...

Looks like everything worked out great! But I'm a little sad you didn't post anything about your amazing Family Feud game - quit holding out on me! Glad you had a good time!