Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer Camp

As I was downloading these pictures, I
realized that I did my kids a disservice!
This is a post about soccer camp, yet I didn't
take one single picture of them actually playing
soccer. As I was taught by my high school soccer
coach, now I must say, "My bad!" :0)
I did manage to have Summer take some pics
of Ty and Syd on Wacky Wednesday. They were
to arrive as silly as possible. Ty opted for bat
face painting....not too bad for 7:15 in the morning!
Syd got to paint her own face as we drove
the 45 minute drive to the camp (She's
an adorable clown, of course). The kids
loved their coaches. They were all young men
from England...which meant they were fun to
listen to. I do love those British accents!!!
We tried to do something fun everyday after
camp. The weather was in the triple digits and
those kids were hot and tired. We did ice cream,
gelato, Bing's shakes, & the new Super Pool in
Cottonwood. We were a little disappointed in it
since there was no actual pool. Ty was too little
to do the Super Slide, which meant he had to
hang out in the over-crowded lazy river &
the kiddy pool (which he insists he is too big
for). :0) Helen was there, so that kept him
happy. They have so much fun together!
Sydney was a good sport and she swam
with them, too. I think it just felt
good to cool off, if nothing else!
Summer sat like a lump on a log with Liz and me
until she spotted her good friends from Girls
Camp. Hannah and Gloria are the cutest. I'm
so glad Summer made such good friends there.
All in all, it was a great week!!!
P.S. Awards they won:
Ty won the Soccer Quiz (he was the
youngest on his team and he still won).
Syd won the Play of the Day certificate (she
has really been working on headers into the
goal...bloody nose and all). She made a header in
one of the games and scored a beautiful goal!
Way to go guys!!!!


jorgegr said...

Looks like fun-getting out of the heat. We are still waiting for so summer warmth here. We had our hottest day of the year on Sat-it was 76 degress (but it sure felt hot)

Jen Rose said...

Sounds fun!! And the face painting is adorable! Glad you've been enjoying your summer so far!! Are you coming to Vegas soon?