Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney Rae's Special Day

Who would have ever imagined that this little
brunette would have grown up to be my
extremely tall, long legged, blond 11
year old?!? Happy Birthday, Sydney Rae!

Here's a glimpse into her life:
At the age of 4 weeks, Sydney got RSV.
She was given breathing treatments at home
(steroids) which made her really weak and she
never cried again! That is until her 1st birthday.
That girl made up for lost time. No, she didn't cry...
but she whined! She still does. We knew from
her first birthday on that she would be a singer.
She has such vocal range, which was made evident
through her whining. :0) Did we call it, or what!?!

Her second birthday party was a music party
because she has music running through her veins!
Sydney and Summer were the best of friends.
Summer would never leave Sydney's side
and constantly wanted to hold her and give
her 'famous puckers'. Flash forward 10 years
and Summer wouldn't kiss her for a million bucks.
Much to Sydney's chagrin, since Syd loves kisses!
Before Grandpa Blaine died, he suffered from a lot
of chest pain. We were all on a family trip to
Rocklin, CA to visit my Aunt Tammy's family.
Sydney must have been about 2 or 3.
Grandpa was silently suffering from chest pain
and he went into a quiet room to lay down
and help with the pain. A few minutes after he
laid on the couch, he felt a warm little hand on his
arm and the pain instantly went away. He opened
his eyes and there was little Sydney. She just gave
him a sweet smile and a hug and then she ran off.
Grandpa swore that she may have stopped a heart
attack that day. From that time on, Grandpa
Blaine always called her his little angel. They
had a special bond and I know he is watching her
very closely from heaven. Now he is her angel!

OK, now that I'm crying, let me cheer things up a bit.
One of my favorite Sydney stories is the day she got
potty trained. She was 2 1/2 and she learned in
one day (we used Dr. Phil's method that my mom told
me about). As soon as she was trained, I said, "Now
all that you have to do to become a big girl is
to stop sucking your thumb." I promise this is true!
My thumb sucking addict
never sucked her thumb again!
To this day though, she is a very tactile person. Her
sense of touch is very heightened and she loves to
have her hands near her mouth. She would happily
eat every meal with her fingers, which about kills me!

Happy Birthday, my angel!


Anonymous said...

Dear Mom,
I love you so much and you have made these first eleven years of my life so,so,so special!You are the best mom ever!

kelly said...

nice post!

kandy said...

We love you Syd and can't believe how old you are - Wow! You are a wonderful young lady.

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

I remember you sitting in the stands very pregnant with Sydney watching Brody race in Havasu. Has it really been 11 years.

Angela said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Becky Macbeth said...

You made me cry, too! I sure do love that girl! happy birthday, kiddo!

jorgegr said...

Very cute post.

Funny Syd was born with brown hair and turned blonde-my kids were born with blonde hair that is turning brown.