Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ages and Stages

I am thrilled! I am working on a present
for my mom for Christmas and it requires
pictures from throughout her life.
Some of these I have never seen.
Isn't she adorable! Libby like?
I say yes.
She was a real knock-out. Check out the
sexy shoulder pose. I wish we still wore
hair pieces like that. Time to bring them back.
Does this scream 1980's or what!?!
Do you remember Glamour Shots?
Yep, she even looked pretty in a tacky
Glamour Shots photo. Reminds me
of Napoleon a good way!
Thanks for the pictures mom. I hope you
forgive me for this post, but I had to share.


Rachael said...

I can totally see her in that baby picture! She is a very pretty lady!!!

Becky Macbeth said...

I love them! So cute! And totally Libby, too!

kandy said...

Thanks for the memories. Those were the good old days!!! Don't you just love my bonnet?!!

jorgegr said...

Love the pictures. The baby pic does resemble Libby.