Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ornament Winner!

Are you ready for the results?
Well, here goes nothing!

Ornament #3 came in 1st place
with 19 votes!
The artist was ME!
HaHa Summer! I won!!!

Although Summer came in a close
second with her snowman ornament.
She received 7 votes.
Not too shabby!

The #4 ornament came in 3rd with
3 votes. Once again, that was mine! :0)
Sorry Syd, but no votes for your jester
ornament. Summer's star ornament didn't get
any votes either and that just proves that
you need to see them in person. That one was
actually my favorite...other than mine, of course!

Ty decided it was OK to show off one of
his masterpieces. Thanks for a fun activity, buddy!

Let's go get our store-bought hot chocolate!!!
Ty approves this message. :0)


**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

How did you make yours?


kandy said...

Way to go artistic mom!

amy said...

We finally got around to voting today & didn't peek. Porter:4 Tanner: 2,3&4 Ellie: 5 We are impressed! cool idea Ty! And awesome candy cane!