Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Sunday Grumps

Every year on Christmas Sunday, I make
my kids pose for a picture in front of the tree.
They look cute, right!?! Well, if you only knew:
*Summer hated that sweater & wouldn't smile
*Sydney wouldn't smile because she was in 'a mood'
*Ty smiled, but he has on black tennis shoes
since he outgrew his & he is getting new
church shoes for Christmas. :0)

The saying is true...
"Never judge a book by its cover."
Darn it! I wish we were all smiles,
all the time. At least we are most of the time.


Lane & Jannica said...

That's hilarious. Reminds me of my siblings and myself!

Rachael said...

So cute! I forgot to take a picture of my kids in their Christmas colors.

kelly said...

i know the feeling.

The Fosters said...

Oh, those darn teens and tweens! Guess they missed the Christmas dresses Grammy used to send! Summer do you want velvet or taffeta next year?

jorgegr said...

Thanks for another laugh! What we won't do to make a picture look like everyone is having a great time.