Thursday, December 23, 2010


Let me start off this post by telling you that
my nickname growing up was 'smiley'. My
parents often joked that I would smile all the
time, even if I was crying. Now, take a look
at this awesome (just kidding) family picture.
It must have been about 1982. Our little fam.
Let's break it down (I'm on the far left):
The good:
*We are all tan and skinny
*We just returned from Hawaii & Amy and I
loved our little Hawaiian dresses we got there
*Did I say we are all skinny???
*Baby Becky is smiling and looking
in the right place
The bad:
*That must have been one scary photographer!
Was I feeling a need to protect my baby sister
that they were obviously trying to entertain???
*Amy's rainbow bangs (we all had them at
one time or another).
* The ugly Olan Mills background...
a library? Really?
*We caught my dad is his mustache years.
I blame Tom Selleck (who me happened to
meet on that Hawaii trip)....that's a story for
another day. Trust me, that was embarrasing!
OK, the worst part. Can you imagine my moms
reaction when (weeks later in those days) she
went to finally see the pictures she was paying
a fortune for? Of all of the kids not to be smiling,
I bet she would never have believed I would
have ruined that very expensive, and now ugly,
family picture. Sorry, mom!
I owe you a family picture.
Thank you, Amy, for sending me that beauty!


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

Are you Sydnee's twin. Sorry if I spelled that wrong

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

I think we all have funny family portraits, not that they were supposed to be.

jorgegr said...

Haha, that is funny. Looking back how silly to have such a fake background.

kandy said...

I'm sure we have a smiling one too. Don't think that was first choice. Cute picture anyway!

Rachael said...

You guys all look great...and SO tan! I remember you ALWAYS smiling too!