Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Results

All Sydney asked for were some roller skates.
I bought her the only pair I could find, which were
at Target. After a week straight of Ty fighting her
for them, Syd has decided to wrap them and put them
under the tree for Ty. She wants to get another pair
of white ones for herself and then we will go roller
skating while in California next week. If you ask me,
Ty got the better end of the deal on that one.

She also scored in the cash and iTunes
gift card categories. I hope she doesn't mind
that I always steal the songs she buys for my iPod.

One year after getting her ears pierced,
Sydney can finally put in real earrings without
pain. Grammy sent her a cute earring tree
and some fun new earrings. Yay that they
actually go in now. Poor Syd.

As tradition dictates, we had to hit up
Javelina Cantina for her birthday feast.
Happy birthday, Syd!


Angela said...

Happy Birthday, Sydney!!

(Very sweet of her to wrap her gift up for Ty)

jorgegr said...

If we are ever in AZ we have to go to that restaurant-looks yummy. Happy Birthday Sydney!

kandy said...

What's wrong with blue skates Syd?

Rachael said...

What a cutie!