Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charades Grandma & Grandad Style

Since the kids were playing the Wii all
day Sunday, we decided it was time for a
real game. We teamed up boys vs. girls
and had a killer game of charades.
I will show you what Grandad and Grandma
acted out, then leave the answers at the
bottom. Good luck!

Grandad's was a movie, 3 words, &
he is acting out the first word.

Grandma had a harder time with hers.
Jason wrote this one, which should have
been a hint for the girls guessing (including
me), but it wasn't. Jason found a prop to help...

It was a movie, 4 words, and we did figure
out that it was _____ of the _____.
Honestly, we couldn't get it. Can you???

Grandad-Kung Fu Panda
Grandma-Return of the Jedi
Hope you did better than we did!

1 comment:

Angela said...

ha! No, I would not have guessed either...

Looks fun!!