Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer got a camera!

Santa brought Summer a camera for Christmas.
It is for her trip to New York City in March.
Santa even took the first picture on the camera.
She woke up to find this . Pretty, right! I've also mentioned our one big gift
this year. Santa brought us a Wii!
The kids have loved playing Just Dance 2
that Will and Christina gave us for Christmas.
Jason and I also purchased a Wii fit and we have
had to start using a timer to limit the amount of
exercise we all get. Now that is a good thing!!!
I love that they are fighting over who gets
to exercise. Now, if I could just limit the
fighting to just that! :0) Fat chance!!!
The one main reason we asked Santa for the Wii
was to get our bums moving. There is about a 5
second chance to sit, then the rest of the time is
spent moving (boxing, skiing, jogging, etc.). Summer
just happened to have caught Ty in his 5 second
lounge. :0) We are loving it!

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kandy said...

Looks like Santa was extra good to you!