Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am one happy girl! Not only did my in-laws come
for Christmas, but we had a house full for
our Christmas Eve dinner!

The Elders didn't have any plans when I asked last
week, so we gladly invited them. I assured
Christina that I invited them for good food
and not to baptize her. She had the greatest
response. She said, "If the bathtub is filled with
water when we get there, we are leaving. lol"
Summer and I laughed for a half hour over
that one. :0) No baptisms were performed.

It is really nice having Jason's brother live nearby.
We got to hang out with his family on Christmas
Day, too. We had a ham dinner here and a turkey
dinner there. It's a good thing we got a Wii Fit
for Christmas. Time to get busy with it!

We have really enjoyed having Grandma and Grandad
staying here. They have enjoyed seeing the new house
and we have enjoyed spending some quality time
with them. Wait until you see some of the funny
pictures I got of them playing Charades tonight!!!

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