Thursday, November 11, 2010

Syd's Tribute!

Sydney's class made a tribute banner
for Veteran's Day. They hung it outside of
their classroom yesterday. Since we had the
day off of school today, I made her run by
the school with me so we could document
it for Pops. We wish we were close enough
to hug him and tell him thank you in person.

Since we aren't, I hope he's
reading the blog today! :0)

Even though Grandpa Blaine has passed,
he is still our war hero! His favorite
great-grandchild never forgets him
either. This one's from your
'Angel Sydney' Grandpa Blaine!
Go hug a war hero today!!!


Angela said...

She is so sweet :) I hope he is reading today too!

kandy said...

Thanks for the great tribute! We love you!