Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Family History

I have a new obsession! Genealogy! These are my grandparents.
Blaine C Warr and his beautiful
bride, Leona Barendregt.
She was 9 years younger than
him. Go, Grandpa! They both
passed away recently and they
are still constantly on my mind,
and of course, in my heart!
Even though Grandma suffered from
Alzheimer's, we have her siblings here
still. They have helped document and
pass on the stories of their parents.
This is Adrianus Barendregt who
came to America from Holland with
his wife, Trijntje Runia.
They ended up settling in Idaho where
they were farmers...some of their
grandsons are still there farming. :0)
This picture was from when Adrianus (on the
right) was in Ely, Nevada working the railroads
with his brothers Cornelis (left) and Simon.
Oct. 12th, 1910
This is a photo of Trijntje and Adrianus
with their first born son, Leonard.
This side of the family has an easy
trail to follow back to Holland.
My Grandpa Blaine's family wasn't as easy.
After working on it all night last night, I
have traced Blaine's line all the way to
the 1600's in England. I have a lot
more work to do, but boy do I love it!
I am using which is free
from the church and which
has a monthly fee for documents.
My thanks go out to Leonard's
wife, Lois for posting these old
photos on Facebook! :0)


Angela said...

I can never wrap my head around my dad's huge family! He has 11 brothers and sisters and 6 half brothers and sisters - my Grandpa was apparently a "Playa" --LOL...he passed away when my dad was a little boy.

Glad you are having fun digging up the past!

Jen said...

Angela- That is crazy! I bet he would be fun to find out more about. :0)

kandy said...

Wow, I am impressed. When did you catch the bug? Dad will be so proud!

Rachael said...

You are good! I am so confused when it comes to family history!