Monday, November 8, 2010

A perfect day!

Yesterday was Libby's special day.
Her daddy was able to give her a blessing
in church. She was awake during it and she
just stared into his eyes the entire time.
Seriously, she is one easy baby!

The Macbeth Family
They are all so beautiful.
My mom made Libby a beautiful
blessing dress, just like she made
for my girls. I love having a talented
mother. We reap the rewards, for sure!

They had a wonderful party at their house
afterward. We enjoyed ourselves immensely
and then we had to hit the road. That's the only
part that made it into a not-quite-so-perfect day.


Rachael said...

What a BEAUTIFUL dress!!!! WOW!!! That is amazing she made that!

jorgegr said...

So cute

amy said...

Great picture of all of you. Sad we couldn't be there!

Angela said...

How could Libby get any cuter?

kandy said...

Thanks for coming all this way and all your help. Great pictures!