Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of Africa

When you come to visit us (hint, hint),
we will make you go to Out of Africa!
It is a wildlife park that is less than 20
minutes away in Camp Verde. This was
our third visit...and we definitely have
many more visits to come.

You get up close and personal with
the world's coolest animals. No zoom
lens here, you're really that close!

All of the animals get fed around 3:00 on
Sun., Wed., and Fri. The animals don't
have calendars, so even though we went on
a Thurs., they were pacing back and forth,
growling, and excited for the food that
never came. It is an awesome experience!

They have Critter Corner, where you
get to hold and pet different animals during
the day. Yesterday the kids got to hang
out with this 'little' snake.
Good thing Grammy wasn't there! :0)

They have a show called Tiger Splash at 1:15
every day. Just before the show, all of the tigers
get a little rambunctious. I think they are all
showing off their skills so the keepers will pick
them to star in the show that day. There
were 4 tigers in this fence. 3 were pacing the
fence line just behind the kids and one was
lounging behind them on the roof of their
shade structure. None of them got picked.

They picked this beauty! She is new to the
Tiger Splash experience, which makes her a little
dangerous to the 4 keepers that are in there
with her. The keepers act as prey, enticing the
tiger to attack (in play) some pool toys. It
is amazing to watch her claws come out as she leaps
for her toy. The keeper enters the pool with her, too.
Summer has found her summer job when she turns
16! She was memorized. I'll call it now, but I
really think she will go into an animal-type field
in college. We'll see. Place your bets now. :0)

Just before Tiger Splash started, they let the tiger
into the pool area and she proceeded to mark
her territory....right there on my kids!!!
She barely missed. Thank goodness!!!

Our favorite part of the day was when they
had the hyenas in the pool enclosure later
that day. The keeper would tease them with
some meat and they would 'laugh' hysterically.
You have never heard a cooler sound in your life!

Summer kissed a camel...I almost missed
it. She had just released the carrot from her
teeth when I got in position to take the picture.

On the safari tour, we always love the
giraffe kisses!!! There is nothing better
than getting slobbered on by a giraffe!

No, Summer doesn't have lice or bugs
in her hair, it was light reflecting on her
head in this picture. :0)
Let's go to Out of Africa!!!


Angela said...

That place looks amazing! I can't believe you took all of those photos without a zoom! --scary! The fence looks a little small to me :)

Angie said...

What a cool place! My boys would love that! How far of a drive do you think it is from Tucson?

jorgegr said...

So cool, I want to go there. WE will have to come visit you.

Rachael said...

Wow that is a neat place in the middle of nowhere! I thought there was just some gas stations to gas up! JK! (Thats all we did in Camp Verde!)

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

looks a little more exciting than the sealife rescue.

kandy said...

Those fences don't look any too strong to keep those animals in!!!!

Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

It does look like fun

The Sorensen Bunch said...

your pictures are so much better then mine! no FUN however huh?