Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Lies Beneath...

Two houses away from us, there is
an old cemetery. It is marked as the
'Old Pioneer Cemetery' (you can see the sign
behind us in this picture). Most of the
graves aren't marked very well, but some
of them have really neat headstones.

Wood crosses, rod iron fences, headstones.
It is really very neat to see. They date back
to the early 1900's and are graves
for people that worked here in Jerome
(the ghost town above us on the mountain).

My dad and Scoop led the way,
while we followed behind. Luckily,
we took the cemetery tour hours
before the storms rolled in.
We have been underwater for
the past 3 1/2 days!

I still cannot get over how great Becky looks.
It's hard to believe she had given birth less than a
month ago. My sisters are HOT! :0)


Angela said...

Dang, you and your sister are HOT!! My SIL is the same way - she pops out a baby and is a size four again in about 3 days :)

Under water? I did hear there were tornadoes and thought about you - I wondered if they were close.

Becky Macbeth said...

I don't know about HOT, but thanks for thinking so. I still think it's pretty cool that you have a ghost town in your backyard!