Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Snow Cones!

We had the best storm ever on Sunday!
We sit up in the foothills of the mountain,
so we can watch the storms roll in.
By the time this one hit, we were ready!
Amazingly, Libby slept through all of
the thunder and huge wind gusts.

Our pool was overflowing and decorated
with lawn chairs. It was really cool
watching the hail pelt the surface of the
Not so inviting for a swim, though!
While Libby slept, her dad and cousins played!
Heaven sent us Snow Cones!
Uncle Brad was the first one to accept his.
Not bad! Thanks for dessert! :0)


Becky Macbeth said...

That was quite the storm! Thanks for letting us share it with you.

jorgegr said...

I love when we have good storms like that.

kelly said...

i love a good southern storm.