Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall? Feels like summer!

We met up with Brady and Tate at the
beach yesterday. The weather is amazing!
Ty had always! He was either
boogie boarding, body surfing, or having
surf lessons from Summer and Brad the
whole time. He has some talent
in those waves!
Sydney was thrilled that Tate brought her
volleyball. We always tease Summer that
she should try out for the volleyball
team at the high school next year. She really
could do it. She has the idea of it, and a good
coach could really make her a great player.
My nephew Brady is such a great guy.
He met up with us and then was headed
off to baptize his little 8 year old brother,
Teddy. I am so proud of those kids and
what great examples they are to my kids!
We missed Fletcher, though. Hopefully
we will get to see him at Tate's volleyball
game on Tuesday. So far, we are
really enjoying our fall break!


kandy said...

Hey, we were there too!

kandy said...

You make Brad look good!