Monday, October 11, 2010

Ty's new surf instructor

After Uncle Brad finished showing off his surfing
skills, he was nice enough to become Ty's
surf instructor (with Summer as his assistant).
It was more of a balancing act than anything.
Ty is amazingly resilient. He would be face
down under water and then pop back up and
try again. Have I told you how brave that
kid is? It is so much fun to watch him learn.
Like I say in my bio on this blog....
Jason and I are raising 3 beach bums and
that makes me really happy! :0)
After quite a few attempts, he went back
to his first love. He is my boogie boarding
fool. They will forever be friends!


Angela said...

Your kids are so cute and active!! I love seeing active kids!

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

cool pictures! Save some beach for me.....

jorgegr said...

George and Jenna would love to be at the beach! I like the rocky beaches here in WA-for beach combing.