Wednesday, August 4, 2010

House Swap!

This past weekend, we kicked my parents out
of their house to swap with the Stewarts.
Becky & Brad were also left homeless
for the cause. They went and enjoyed the
long weekend in Vegas at my in-laws as
we invaded their homes in Laguna Niguel.
They were good sports about it. After
all, my in-laws have a putting green in their
backyard...home much cooler can you get!?!
Jason's parents had 5 kids....
which means a lot of people!
Poor Heather had to handle all
4 of their kids alone since they had
been on the road for 2 weeks already
and Chris had to get back to work. :0(
Jason and I got to deal with the
death of my parents adorable dog
while we were dog sitting. It was a
traumatic ordeal, but he was 16, blind,
and deaf. I'd say he's better off now.
My mother-in-law kept us well
fed and entertained. I SCORED
in the in-law department for sure!
I am one lucky girl!!!
Bridget is Heather's youngest and the
baby of the whole family. We seriously
fight over her. She is the sweetest
little thing and I love when she asks
for her "Aunt Jen". It melts my heart.
We were so lucky this summer to get
to spend time at the cabin and the
beach with our cousins.
Maddie & Sydney are
the best of friends.
Not to confuse everyone, but this is
the 3 Jen's picture. My sister-in-law
(who is also Jennifer Stewart) is on
the right. Jen Rose, whom we will all
claim as our own friend, is in the middle.
The braceface on the guessed it.
Me! All in all, it was sooo much fun,
but a little too short.


Angela said...

A putting green in the back yard?? Now that IS cool! It looks like a ton of fun to have such a big family! I have 3 sisters in law but none of us have much in common at all! I think it is a blessing to have a family that you enjoy being around!

Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

you have way to much fun!

Becky Macbeth said...

Thanks for the great idea...we loved the swap!