Friday, August 6, 2010

Kindergarten, 5th, and 8th!

My house is empty, quiet, and lonely!
All 3 of my kids are in full-day school.
I can't lie....I've shed a tear or two, or
twenty. :'0( Ty is loving his kindergarten
teacher, Mrs. Shilling. He has been her big
helper & he wakes up with a HUGE smile
on his face every morning.
3 days in and still loving it!

Their new schools are 26 miles away, which

doesn't sound so bad. Unfortunately, the

speed limit never exceeds 50MPH and that

only last a few miles of it. It's a good thing we

like our car because we spend way too much time

in it. It takes us 45 minutes! YUCK!!!

I cannot believe we will be in HIGH SCHOOL

next year. Summer already thinks I'm old,

but that makes me feel old. :0(


Eric and Tammy Mitchell said...

oh I love the first day of school pictures. I only have one more to take. oh sad

Angela said...

Ty is growing up SO fast!!

kelly said...

time goes far too quick. i have a senior and would leave for college now if he could : (

**We BLOG ARTISTS** said...

You are FAR from old...and just think everything you can get done!!!
Your children are come you guys start school SO soon?
We had to travel 45 minutes as kids to our school...but on a Coach...
NOW...I walk our girls 3 minutes and they're there.
Have a great weekend.

jorgegr said...

Back to school already? I hope you guys find a place soon so you don't have to drive so far.

Becky Macbeth said...

I still can't believe they've started school already! They look great and I'm sure they'll be the hit of their new schools.