Thursday, July 29, 2010

'Redneck Surfing!'

My sister-in-law Christina invited us to
join her, Fletcher, and Tanner to enjoy
what she appropriately named "redneck
surfing". Who knew irrigated fields
could be so much fun!?! :0)
Ty has a few crushed toes, which I'll
explain another time. For just using
his heal of his left foot, he was amazing!
Fletcher was the motorboat all day.
He gave endless rides to all the kids,
including Summer. She was there,
I just missed her with the camera.
Thanks for introducing us to Arizona's
version of surfing....or our invention of
surfing in 2 inches of water. :0)


Adventures in the Warr Zone said...

There were times the kids would boogey board in our CA backyard. But it was usually in the winter and hot baths were in order afterwards to warm up.

kandy said...

that looks like fun and made me remember when I was little and on the farm. that is how we would water the yard once a week. Some things never change!