Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Cabin...better than Disneyland!

Hanging out with all of the cousins, aunts,
uncles, Grandma & Grandad makes the
cabin beat Disneyland as the happiest place
on Earth! We love spending time there!
Ty, Bridget, Katelyn, and Levi
Sydney and Maddie always have the
best time together. We have the
best extended family ever!
Jason has been teaching Ty the secrets
of horseshoes. They could spend hours
doing this...if it wasn't for the 4-wheelers.
Ty is truly addicted! He'll sit on the green
4-wheeler all day just waiting for someone
to come along and take him on a ride.
Luckily Scoop came along to help
entertain him every once in a while.
Notice: this is the RED 4-wheeler....not Ty's
favorite. Why? Because of the color. He is
WEIRD! Notice the couch cushion on the
back for the little bums. Genius! I think
that was Grandad's idea.
Fletcher brought his new bird Kiwi to the
cabin. Sydney was like a magnet to that
thing. She never wanted to let it down!
Aunt Jenny wasn't a big fan of it.
I love her body language in this one.
For the picture, we had Sydney sneak up
behind her and put it on her shoulder.
If it weren't for the cameras aimed at her,
she may have lost it. We love Aunt Jenny!
Kiwi is one very well trained bird.
Fletcher holds it over a trashcan and
says, "Kiwi, poop!" While it was on
Summer's head I jokingly said, "Poop,
Kiwi, poop!" Oops! I forgot how well
trained that bird is. Sorry Summer!!!
We always enjoy delicious food at
the cabin. Jenny and Jen Rose treated
us to homemade Chicken Fingers and
Coke Cake from Cracker Barrel!
Our silly boys! Thanks to Uncle Earnest,
at least someone looks cute in this photo!
Tate and Summer smeared bat
guano all over their faces after they hiked
through a cave. Yummy! :0)
It was mud.
Thanks for the fun time Stewarts!


Angela said...

I just got caught up on all of your vacation posts!! I have to say, the photos are so beautiful!! You did a great job and those could totally go on a postcard!

The family cabin looks really fun and that chicken- yummy! But I bet it is not as good as KFC :)

Angie said...

So fun! I'm ready to go back already!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!! those kids are so adorable! that one girl with the poop and mud on her face is beautiful!!! :) im jealous of your family!!!! mine stinks :(

kandy said...

I'm jealous! I want to be an adopted Stewart! glad you had such a great time.