Saturday, June 27, 2009

Do you have a tell?

In poker, they call it a tell. Well,
my baby boy has a tired tell. I don't know what
it is, but since he was a newborn, he has always
flipped his hands over right before he falls
asleep. We love his little signal. Those hands
are the softest, sweetest hands in the world.

Stop growing so fast, please!!!!
For Father's Day, I had the boys in my life
pose for this picture. I love the similarities
in their hands. Yes, Ty has a few extra fat
dimples, but he truly is his daddy's boy!
I love both of those hands more than
words can say. My hands!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A play and the ER!

We have participated in the Missoula
Children's Theatre for 6 years now.
My girls look forward to it every summer.
This year, Liza joined the cast and Sydney
couldn't have been happier. :0)
The play was Princess and the Pea.
Summer & Sydney auditioned together
and got the same role! Summer hates the
fact that she is 3 years older than Sydney,
yet everyone thinks they are twins. Luckily,
Summer also got to play the role of the
Phony Princess. She played a Diva a little
too well....attitude and all!!!

After the play, the girls stayed to help take
down some scenery. Summer was accidentally
bumped off the stage and landed on her face.
42 stitches later, she is recuperating at home.

Or.....they had a class on special
effects earlier this week. Yep, I like
that one! Let's stick with the second choice.
Make-up doesn't leave a permanent scar!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Los Abrigados Park

Oh, what do you do in the summertime?
We feed ducks & have picnics at the creek
at Los Abrigados. They have the coolest
park attached to their resort. They have
a giant chess game, horseshoes, bocce ball,
and even a miniature golf course.

One thing I quickly realized is that
my entire family sticks out their tongues
while concentrating. I have picture-after-
picture of tongues! Just like daddy!

Check out that ringer!
Jason Jr. for sure!!!

The victory dance is even more
proof that Jason is his dad!

We were all pretty even at bocce ball,
but dad creams us at horseshoes!
"Shhh...quiet in the stands.
Sydney needs to concentrate!
"OK, tongue out! Now,
a long, soft throw.
Not quite. She needs to
work on it a bit!"
Summer just gave up on bocce and
horseshoes and settled for the monkey
bars. After a game of hide-and-seek,
we called it a night as the sun set.
Once again, I LOVE SEDONA!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Going back in time!

Sorry for the out of order post, but
life gets hectic! We were lucky enough
to get to go to visit Jason's parents the
end of May. One of Jason's best friends
from his childhood was getting married.
We had a great time visiting with everyone
and devouring Marie's delicious cooking!
The kids (and the adults) love their pool!
Have you ever seen longer, skinnier legs
in your life? I'm so jealous of you, Syd!

Ty was a swimming machine! Fearless
boy means nervous wreck mother!

Heather and Chris made the trek down with
their kids, too. Little Katelyn is such a doll.
They all have the most gorgeous eyes!

Maddie and Sydney were glued
to each other, as usual. What sweet girls!

I absolutely love this picture of Gary
and Levi. You can tell that Levi just adores
his Grandad. We all do! We are so lucky to
have the coolest grandparents in the world!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Last night, the girls and I got the fun idea
to hold our very own Food Network Cake
Challenge. We picked the theme 'summertime'
and the baking and frosting began. After
completion, we e-mailed our family members
and asked them to vote for their favorite
anonymous cake. Here were the results:

Sydney took 1st place with 6 votes!
Summer got 2nd place with 4 votes
(5 if you count her dad's vote).

I came in last place with 1 vote!
Ty gets the Honorary Mention
since he wasn't part of the competition.
He was the taste tester and he said that
his tasted the best....because of the fruit
snacks and M&Ms. We had fun using our
imaginations (some better than others)!
This was very humbling for me....
I'm a sore loser! :0(
Way to go, Summer & Sydney!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Our first summertime beach trip!

We made our way to Southern California
to meet up with the kids after their amazing
Grand Canyon Experience. We had a great
time doing the typical CA things...
Beaches, Tide Pools, Duck Ponds, Movies,
you name it...we did it (if it was cheap)!
We even went to San Diego one day
with Aunt Becky. She played hookie from
work and we visited the Sad Diego Temple
where we were both lucky enough to have been
married! Isn't it the prettiest place on earth!?!

Then we drove to La Jolla Cove and enjoyed
a cold, but wonderful day there!
Sydney make an adorable Mermaid?

These girls were tough enough to brave
the freezing cold water and snorkle.
Me? I'm too wimpy for that cold weather
stuff. Ask me again in August! I'll be there!!!

Thanks for another great time in California,
Mom, Dad, Bec, & Brad! Love ya!!!