Monday, June 8, 2009

Last night, the girls and I got the fun idea
to hold our very own Food Network Cake
Challenge. We picked the theme 'summertime'
and the baking and frosting began. After
completion, we e-mailed our family members
and asked them to vote for their favorite
anonymous cake. Here were the results:

Sydney took 1st place with 6 votes!
Summer got 2nd place with 4 votes
(5 if you count her dad's vote).

I came in last place with 1 vote!
Ty gets the Honorary Mention
since he wasn't part of the competition.
He was the taste tester and he said that
his tasted the best....because of the fruit
snacks and M&Ms. We had fun using our
imaginations (some better than others)!
This was very humbling for me....
I'm a sore loser! :0(
Way to go, Summer & Sydney!!!


The Fosters said...

Where was Jasons cake? And what was yours supposed to be? Looks fun and fattening!

Jen said...

OK....let me explain mine!

It is a pink surfboard against the setting sun with a beach umbrella (made out of strawberries)in the background. It didn't turn out perfectly.....but it did win the taste test!!!

Anonymous said...

I didn't get an email. Wow Jen you might have won with my vote!

Angela said...

How fun! The girls are super talented!(...and you are too.) I did a Peach Cobbler "Throwdown" with a lady at work one day...I lost because I didn't realize the flour wasn't self rising...mine was from scratch and hers was from a bag. It was fun though.

Becky Macbeth said...

Nice job! Glad that mom had the guts to ask what yours was...I had no clue! Sorry, Jen! But the kids' were great!

Lane & Jannica said...

Haha I had no clue what yours was either're so cute all the stuff you do with your kids