Sunday, June 21, 2009

A play and the ER!

We have participated in the Missoula
Children's Theatre for 6 years now.
My girls look forward to it every summer.
This year, Liza joined the cast and Sydney
couldn't have been happier. :0)
The play was Princess and the Pea.
Summer & Sydney auditioned together
and got the same role! Summer hates the
fact that she is 3 years older than Sydney,
yet everyone thinks they are twins. Luckily,
Summer also got to play the role of the
Phony Princess. She played a Diva a little
too well....attitude and all!!!

After the play, the girls stayed to help take
down some scenery. Summer was accidentally
bumped off the stage and landed on her face.
42 stitches later, she is recuperating at home.

Or.....they had a class on special
effects earlier this week. Yep, I like
that one! Let's stick with the second choice.
Make-up doesn't leave a permanent scar!


Angela said...

Oh my goodness. Poor baby! I hope she feels better soon. I bet that about scared you to death!

kandy said...

Oh my goodness you really got me! I couldn't believe you didn't call me and let me know! And it wasn't even April Fools!

mummyof5monsters said...

oh, you had me wincing and all! Great photos:)

Jen said...

It's a joke. Sorry for the confusion, Angela! :0)

Angela said...

You know, I read it and I thought she ALSO took a class on special effects makeup! When I just read it again...I was like oh ok!

She did a great job on the makeup...and her little face looks like she is in so much pain!

jorgegr said...

Great special effects. One day Summer will be glad she looks the same age as Sydney.

kelly said...