Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now for the coincidence of all coincidences...
I was going through some old photos and
happened upon a poem I wrote in high
school. I fancied it up a bit, but can you
believe how fitting this poem is?

Click on it to enlarge.
I truly believe that Jason and I picked
one another in heaven. I also believe
that nicks made by the thorns of
roses heal over time. I will gladly
Stop and Smell the Roses today!


Karrie said...

Beautiful!!! Happy Valentines Day!

* Amanda * said...

Beautiful sentiment Jen! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

tara @ kidz said...

What a beautiful poem! You were wise beyond your years.... A poem I would have written in high school would have been something like, 'I totally like you and hope you like me back. Prom would rock if we were together and could talk.'

LOL. Sad but true! ;o)

Sarah said...

That's a beautiful poem, how neat to find it and see that it applies to your life today.

Callie said...

so those PB cups were delicious!!!! your blog is dangerous! so many good treats. I love the poem.
I hear you are pregnant?beck and your parents came by the other day, it was fun to see them! we need to get together and play dominos sometime :)