Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Not me!!!

Just in case you read the comments
on my other posts....I am here to clear
things up! Callie, I AM NOT PREGNANT!
My brave (and crazy) older sister
just announced that she is expecting
baby #5! Yep, 5! She is an incredible
mom and that is one (or 2) lucky
baby(ies). The kids are hoping for
twins! Isn't that one gorgeous family!!!


Karrie said...

Bless Her!!!! 2 is enough for me..LOL :) Congrats and Best wishes!!

Callie said...

haha oops, sorry I forgot to add the JK to the comment! I knew it was Amy.

Jen said...

You brat!!!

jorgegr said...

Wow Amy is brave! How exciting for them though.

Sarah said...

Congrats to your sis! She's very brave - I can't imagine more than my three.

* Amanda * said...

Goodness - 5 kids! Congratulations to your family!