Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Fun!

I love holidays! Any excuse to bake
makes me very happy! So...sit back, relax,
and enjoy our Valentine goodness!
These are delicious Red Velvet Cupcake Cookies!
The picture may be deceiving, but they are
huge! Truly the size of a cupcake!!!

Even using a cookie cutter on the typical
PB&J makes life a little sweeter!

Ty was the only one allowed to bring
baked goods to school this year. I spent
a full day in the kitchen for these, but
aren't they adorable!?! Yummy, too!

Now, for Sydney we had to get creative. No
baking :0( so we made individual book marks.
They are giant sized paper clips with
fabric covered buttons. CUTE!

Girls were girly
and boys were
boyie (my new word).

doesn't that
look like Ty!?!

Jr. High is the perfect Candy Heart age.
We tried to liven them up a bit by adding
these Twilight Valentine's....for the girls only!



Kandy said...

You are just way too creative. Lucky kids!

Karrie said...

Your too much! Great ideas. I have to try those cupcake cookies since I put on 5 lbs just for looking at I should enjoy them too! LOL.

* Amanda * said...

Wow - you are the MOM! Way cool projects and those red cupcake things look delicious! :P

Love ya!

Vanessa said...

Those cookies look YUMMY!!!