Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photo Tag!

Sarah tagged me with this photo
challenge and how could I refuse?
I've been instructed to post the
6th photo from the 6th folder in
my photo archives. it is!

This photo is horrible! I look like
I am strangling Ty! I couldn't cheat, though
(darn it)! We had season passes to the San
Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park when the kids
were younger. We went as often as possible.
This photo was taken at the San Diego Wild
Animal Park in 2006. Time flies!

Now, I want to see photos from these 6 people:

I have to add one random thing:
Ty is learning his shapes and he asked
Summer what shape his frog plate is but
it really isn't a shape, so she said, "Maybe a
rectangle?" Ty said, "It's a frogtangle!"
Too cute!!!


Karrie said...

That is funny! You do look like your are strangling Ty! You all are always so perfect in any photo! Thanks for the tag...I think I may regret this one...LOL.

* Amanda * said...

That is so cute "frogtangle!" Ty is so adorable!

And I played along with the tag! Finally!