Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Made you Laugh!

Before you look at these, I must explain!
Sydney is in love with her new camera.
She insisted that we all took self portraits
with silly faces. Now, mind you, each person
did this on their own accord....knowing full well
that I blog EVERYTHING! HaHa!
The jokes on you (and me)!
You have never looked prettier, Sydney!How is at that Summer still looks pretty?
Wow! My husband is one lucky man!
Becky, I don't think a pucker counts as
silly! You just look kissable and cute!

Mom, you win! That is scary!!!
Yes, this one is not a self portrait, but
we fell in love with this candy store and
Becky does look pretty silly in this hat!

BTW~these photos were taken over Christmas Break!


Cioara Andrei said...

Foarte interesant ce ai postat.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut chiar e frumos si interesant.Felicitari si sigur am sa mai revin!

Karrie said...

Too funny!! You guys have way to much fun. :) Wish I was closer :( I could use some fun after the way this new year is going. Hello to everyone!!!!

Ally said...

Loved the pictures, your girls are gorgeous!

Jen said...

In case you were wondering, the first comment is in Romanian and it says....
'What you have posted is very interesting! I looked at your blog and it's very beautiful and interesting. Keep up the good work, I'll be back!'

Anonymous said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG. So glad you posted on mine so that I found you!! You have a BEAUTIFUL family!! This post is so cute, it DID make me laugh. Thank you for becoming a follower and for entering the drawing. I hope you win!!! I'm going to follow your blog too. Again, so glad I found you!! Take care!

Lane & Jannica said...

I miss your whole family--Fosters and Stewarts. I want everyone to get together.

Kandy said...

You are sooo busted! The scary thing is I look like that all the time!

Candice said...

Hi, I saw your comment on my blog, and I'll let you know if I get some recipe cards made at some point, great idea!

Sarah said...

Too funny, I think it's great that she's taking an interest in photography.

Speaking of photos -
You've been tagged:

Becky said...

At the first one of me, I thought, "Eh, not too bad!" Then I scrolled down... You're a brat! Good thing I love you so much! ;)

* Amanda * said...

Love those pictures! :D said...

These are awesome pics! What fun!!!