Friday, January 30, 2009

How cute is this!?!

I was putting away laundry this
morning and when I walked in
Sydney's room, this is what I found!
I can safely say that Nikki (on the right)
was the best purchase my mom has ever
made. In school, Syd had to write a list of 25
things she would pack in an emergency &
Nikki was at the top of her list. Luckily,
Summer has an American Girl Doll too, so
Nikki has a buddy to read books with and
stay busy while Sydney is at school!
I am sure Nikki will be joining us on our
trip to Washington DC next month!
2nd cute thing of the day:
Our dog is just like me! She is a total
wimp in the cold. You can always find her
in any sliver of sunlight she can find....even on
the rocks! Burrr...that sun sure feels good!


80sMom said...

Oh, that's as cute as can be! I love it when my daughter makes a still-life like that!

Kandy said...

That is so sweet and reminds me of when Syd asked you to babysit Nikki when she was at school and you failed as a babysitter! Does poor Scoop have a house yet?

Karrie said...

That is just too cute! Seeing your girls and their "girly" stuff makes me wish I had a girl. You just don't get moments like that with boys. Tell Scoop to enjoy the sun for me. The sun isn't the least bit warm yet here...can't wait until it is!!
You failed as a babysitter???? You are going to have to tell me that one...LOL

Lane & Jannica said...

Haha that is too cute about Syd and her little friends. And that's what Paco (my family's little rat-dog) just runs in the family I guess. I miss the sun!

ps. I don't know how to add people's names as links like you do on the tagged posts.

* Amanda * said...

Poor Scoop! I don't think he would make it here in NH! :P

And that is so cute with Sydney's doll! Alayna doesn't like to play with dolls yet, I am waiting patiently!