Friday, December 26, 2008

Oh yeah, Santa came!

I hope everyone had as good of a
Christmas as my family did! We are
all definitely spoiled! Just having my
parents here with us was present enough!
Summer got her ipod! She is beyond happy!
I thought Santa might get it, so I bought her
a Twilight ipod cover. She loved it!!!

Sydney got an awesome digital camera. She got
everything she asked him for, except her remote
control car. The last present she unwrapped was
from Grandma & Grandad was the car!
She is one happy girl, too!
Ty got his Thomas the train set. As you
can see by his face, he also got a lot of Chocolate
Santa's in his stocking. Levi, his cousin, gave him
the Cars toy in the photo and he loves it!
We left reindeer food out in the back yard &
when the kids went out to check if they ate it,
Sydney started screaming and Ty yelled, "What
in the world?" Santa and his elves had set up a
15 ft. trampoline in the pouring rain in the middle
of the night! WooHoo! Like I said, we are
very spoiled! Thanks Santa and his elves!!!


Ally said...

Looks like the kids had a great time. =)

Be sure to come enter my giveaway!

pinkpatrice said...

Oh much fun can a family have??? Woohoo!!!

* Amanda * said...

Hi Jen!

It looks like you guys had a fantastic Christmas!

Hoping you have a Happy New Year too!

Love ya,

Jen Rose said...

How fun! That sounds like one great Christmas! I'm glad the kids got all their wishes! :)

jorgegr said...

sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! Boy Santa sure had a busy night. He was busy at our house putting together Marble Mania too-pretty complex. It's a good thing he has lots of elves.It's great your parents got to be there too.

PamperingBeki said...

Awww, what a perfectly wonderful Christmas!!

Beautiful kids.

Kandy said...

We were the spoiled ones to be able to spend Christmas with the Stewarts. Thanks for all the great meals, nice bed, and plenty of time with you. Thanks for spending a whole week with us in Calif. It was the best Christmas.

Bella said...

Awwww, looks like you all had an awesome day! having kids around makes Christmas so much more fun! Your children are adorable :)