Friday, November 7, 2008

My Heroes!

I have had many heroes in my life,
but 2 have always shined more than
the others! My Grandpa Blaine was
one of them! He passed away this year,
so I want to honor him this Veteran's Day!
All three of my kids (his great-grandkids)
had amazing relationships with him. I am
so grateful for that. I love the above picture
because it shows Ty and his great-grandpa sharing
Grandpa's hat. They really loved each other
(although Sydney will proudly announce
she was Grandpa's favorite).
At his funeral, there was a bugler and the
American Flag was draped over his casket. What a
wonderful sight to see for the man who so
bravely fought for our country in WWII.

In this picture, he is the handsome man in
uniform on the far left. He was so cute!
As for my second hero...
This handsome devil is my dad! He puts that
little twinkle in my eye! I love him with all my heart!
He proudly served this country in Vietnam and
takes politics very seriously! VERY SERIOUSLY!!!
I am proud of my 2 men that served this country
and I am even prouder to be their daughter and
granddaughter! Kiss a Vet this Veteran's Day...I will!


Jen Rose said...

How sweet! How cool to have 2 awesome heroes! Reminds me of my dad too! He is my hero and so patriotic! Thanks for sharing!

Jannica said...

Beautiful. I love those pictures. I love our family. :)

jorgegr said...

My Grandpa served in WWII as a pilot. He flew on D-Day, towed gliders into the Netherlands, flew in the Berlin airlift, and flew B-47s during the cold war armed with atomic bombs.

My uncle was career military he flew helicopters in Vietnam, served in Bosnia, Mogadishu (he was there on the tarmac and watched the events unfold that were documented in the movie Black Hawk Down,) and most recently at age of 62 he was stationed in Iraq.

I am very proud of the veterans in our family and the serviceman currently fight 2 wars, and the 4,193 serviceman who have lost there lives in Iraq.