Thursday, November 6, 2008

I've been picked!

Ally over at Mommy Love Blog
'picked' me to tell 7 random things
about myself! Here it goes:

1. I consider myself the best driver in the world!
SERIOUSLY! I'm fast & fun behind the wheel!

2. I once fell off a chair lift in front of a cute boy that was
operating the lift....I later went back with a
British accent
and pretended it was my twin sister.
Why would my twin have
an accent and not me???
Lame, I think I was about 12 yrs. old.

3. I used to pinch my cousin Brittani in church
so her parents
would let me take her outside.
She always cried when I did!
Good girl!!!

4. I once killed a cat.....and a dog. Sad! I can't
even go into that!!!
I promise both were accidents!

5. I still think that every time I look in the mirror
I will see the girl
I once was at about 18.
It's always a huge disappointment
to find the
real me!

6. I was married at 20.....way too young,
but well worth it! I love my guy!

7. I was voted 'Biggest Flirt' in high school!
Not too big of a surprise for

those that know me.

OK, these are the people I 'pick':
Jen Rose
(you guys don't have to do it if you don't want to)
This reminds me of the saying,
"You can pick your friends,
you can pick your nose,
but you can't pick your friends nose!"


Ally said...

Fun! I was married at 18 and I'm soooo happy I did!

Jannica said...

HAHA I was laughing so hard about the pinching one and the ski lift. Does Britt remember the pinching?

Jannica said...

K I did it, but mine isn't as entertaining as yours. And I don't know how to add links like yours. heh oh well