Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

We were lucky enough to get
to go to Southern California for
our Veteran's Day vacation and
spend some time with my parents
and Becky & Brad. It was a very
relaxing weekend...tide pools, kite
flying, movies, and great food!

The kids love this kite they got from
Randy & Cheryl. It was a great day
for kite flying! I love the weather there!

Now, this is a warning.....don't scroll down
and look at the picture if you are a coyote lover!

On the ride home, Jason hit a coyote on a desolate
desert road. He wanted to pull over to check the car
to see if there was any damage. I imagined a huge
dent when I saw his reaction in the cars headlights.
Nope, not the car that was damaged!!!
Poor coyote! He had a bunch of broken
bones and we imagine he died on impact.
Jason got the fun job of pulling him out
of the cars front grill. Made for a cool picture, though.
I never even got out of the car! Sydney and Jason
were the only brave ones that night! How sad!!!


Harvest Textiles said...

Yikes. that coyote did have a good night.

Harvest Textiles said...

did not I mean. I must remember to reread things before I post. Wish I was out flying a kite.

Jannica said...

Oh my goodness what is on your dad's face?

Kandy said...

Thanks for coming to visit the old folks - we loved it. Sorry about the eventful trip home. At least it didn't look too bloody.

MichellesCharmWorld said...

oh yikes! I would not have gotten out of the car either!

Piggy said...

Eeeks.. luckily the car is fine :P

w said...

awww. poor coyote.

jorgegr said...

Well it's a good thing you did not just keep driving.

The sunshine looks so nice. We have not been in shorts for a couple of months.

kelly said...

yikes, i would not have wanted that job!