Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who will win it?

I'm giving away one of these shirts
on my other blog: 10oneworld !
I would love to have it go to
a family member or good friend!
Go try out your luck!!!


kelly said...

texas would love to advertise for you :)

Jen Rose said...

So cute!! I just realized you tagged me! I haven't done it yet but I will :) Can't wait to see you guys in about a week!! Let's get together!

jorgegr said...

Can you work in "Obama" into your design.

Jennifer said...

i would LOVE a good recipe for pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. that sounds amazing! i was gonna make some chocolate chip pumpkin bread but i'm getting burnt out on all the bread-making. i've already managed to devour almost half the loaf of banana bread myself!

if you want to email the recipe you can send it to or just leave it on my blog. you're awesome! :)