Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting ready for Halloween!

Last night, we carved our pumpkin
for a special Thursday night Family
Home Evening. Check this out for a cute
Pumpkin Carving FHE lesson: here
We also made our Ghostly Dessert that
we are bringing to the Burkhart's tonight!
Aren't they cute!?! Kerry told me about them.
They are white chocolate dipped Nutter Butters!
Yummy ghosts! We can't wait for tonight!

Happy Halloween!!!


kelly said...

let the excitement begin

Jannica said...

Cute! I'm excited to do cute stuff like that when we have kids...someday. haha

jorgegr said...

Those are cute ghost cookies. We will have to do those for our next Halloween party.

Kandy said...

I love your ghosts! Your pumpkin is cute too! What does Summer have on her face? Hope you have a great Halloween and take lots of pictures to post.

* Amanda * said...

Happy Halloween!

Those cookies look yummy!

Jen Rose said...

Cute idea! You always have the cutest ideas! I hope you guys had a great Halloween! The kids look so cute too!