Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween with the Burkharts!

Halloween 2008
A mime, a lion, and a nerd
getting ready for their big night!Will & Kerry are always the best hosts!
They are so good in fact, that we always
overstay our welcome! Yummy food,
fun atmosphere, and GREAT FRIENDS!
What a fun group of kids!
We love the Burkharts and
we love our Halloween tradition!


Kerri said...

Hi, I was just doing some journal surfing when I came by. You have a very nice looking family and it looks like y'all enjoy each other a lot - that is good.
I love your polka dots. VERY COOL!

* Amanda * said...

very cute costumes! Hope you guys had a nice Halloween!

Jen said...

Summer is such a nerd!! Ty is sooo cute, and Syd's costume is very orijinal!


Devin said...

Very creative costumes:0) I hope you guys had a blast yesterday:0)I love your blog and etsy shop:0)

Ally said...

Great costumes!

Gave ya a bloggy award. :o)