Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oak Creek

After the soccer games on Saturday,
we went to the school to play soccer
as a family and have a picnic. We were
really hot afterward, so we went to
cool off at the creek.
Ty had so much fun running across the creek.
We love it here in Sedona! It is so beautiful!


* Amanda * said...

Aww Jen! You take the best photos. Each time you post I have a new favorite! I love Ty skipping across the creek!

Kandy said...

Looks like it's still hot at your house too! I love the picture of Ty. Where are the ones of my girls?

Ally said...

Great photos!

I'm so glad it has started cooling off here. Somehow I didnt know you had a family blog but now that I do, I'll be checking in more often!

pinkpatrice said...

Wahhhh. I miss the heat. It's not so bad here in Provo...YET!
you take fab photos. How's the other etsy shop doing?

Jannica said...

I love looking at your pictures! I want to come visit!

Jen Rose said...

So cute Jen! That creak looks awesome right about now!