Monday, February 4, 2008

Our little Super Bowl Party!

Sydney was the
#1 Giants fan. She
painted her own face
while looking in the
mirror: thus the
backwards "GO".
Pretty cute!

Summer was cheering for
the Patriots. Sorry, Sum,
we kicked your butt!

Those are some tough looking
Giants fans. I wouldn't want
to mess with them!
Good food!
Our fruit pizza. We
enjoyed a BBQ in the snow, too!
That's my favorite part of the
Super Bowl: THE FOOD!

1 comment:

Jen Rose said...

Ah Jen! How fun! You guys look so stinkin cute....did you have your face painted? I miss you guys. I'm glad Jason was home to celebrate the superbowl with you guys. And, I agree. The food is always the hit!