Friday, February 1, 2008

Our pets!

Introducing: Venom
Quite possibly the world's
sweetest snake!
He has already doubled
in size since we bought him.
Summer loves grossing people
out with him (especially Grammy)!
Ty is holding Shrek,
our water turtle that was
bought on the streets in
downtown L.A.
Immediately following this picture,
Ty dropped poor Shrek onto the hard
tile floor. All appears to be OK.
We love our pets and are
so glad they put up with our
wild and crazy gang!


Jen Rose said...

That snake is out of control! But your kids are so stinkin cute!

heather said...

love the pets
and the cutest kids!

my chubby frog Chauncey is in my shop

and there are tons of pics of Monty, the shy ball python, on myspace

love the blog ! hope to see you on mine too!