Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heather tagged me!

Here's a brief intro to my
Romantic Life!
What is his name? Jason
How long have you been together? We just celebrated 13 yrs. of marriage
How long did you date? 4 months before we got engaged
Who eats more? I'm happy to say he does
Who said I love you first? We have to agree to disagree on this: we're not sure
Who is taller? Jason is by far (he's 6'3")
Who has more speeding tickets? Probably him since I can talk my way out of them!
Who is smarter? I'm too smart to answer that!
Who is more sensitive? Me, but he's a nice shoulder to cry on
When there is a fight who usually wins? Neither (we are too hard headed)
Who does the laundry? Me, darn it!
Who does the dishes? Me on that one, too!
Who sleeps on the right? Me
Who pays the bills? We've traded off, right now it's Jason turn
Who mows the lawn? The beauty of Sedona (or curse), we have no lawn
Who cooks dinner? Me, unless it's his mom's roast dinner that he makes
Who drives when you are together? Both, but mostly him
Who is more stubborn? That is where we have a tie!
Who kissed who first? He was the smooth mover!
Who asked who out first? It was a done deal (we never left each others side)
Who proposed? Jason did on horseback (Tug & Drifter) w/ the L.V. temple in the background
Who has more siblings? he does (4 vs. 2)
Who wears the pants? He does but I wash them!
I'm the luckiest girl alive!

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Jen Rose said...

Wow! You are a lucky girl. Too bad he is taken :)

You guys are so cute! I wish you lived closer!