Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter in Palm Springs

As tradition dictates, we returned to Palm Springs for Spring Break. Since it was Conference Sunday, we still put on our Sunday best and headed over to the church building for the 1st Sunday session. 
I sure do love these 3!
I just wish they always got along and that they would show more love one to another. I guess that's every mothers wish. 
My mother is over the top. Not only did the Easter Bunny spoil the kids, but she (along with my dad) had the annual money egg hunt. 
We've decided that the best way to get everyone's attention is to throw money at them. Here they all are waiting patiently to open their found eggs. Summer ended up being the big winner with Sydney a close second. We then chowed down on some yummy ham, cheesy potatoes, and carrot cake cupcakes. It was a great Easter. 

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kandy said...

Always fun to all be together! Thanks for all you did!